Interior Design

Interior design influences satisfaction, performance, inspiration, and outcomes.

Our commitment to healthcare design and health science + technology gives insight into the interior elements that affect the user experience. Designs are approached with a  person-centered focus to elevate and improve the environment. All design recommendations are made through a lens of balancing operational efficiency, ease of maintenance, and aesthetic enhancement.

Recruitment & Retention

The most valuable asset to any organization is the strength of it’s staff. When competing for top talent or retaining well-trained and loyal staff, interior design is tangible evidence to employees of their importance and value. Creating an environment that offers respite, inspiration, efficiency, and flexibility allows employers to grow and thrive in competitive markets.

Patient Experience

Small design details can have significant impacts on the patient experience. Compassionate consideration of every element can lead to reduction in stress, improved outcomes, cultural understanding, and community connections. The patient’s journey begins at the front door and the environment must support and enhance each clinical interaction.

Brand Identity

Branding architecturally represents an opportunity to establish familiarity and extend community recognition. Brand recognition enhances consumer confidence and loyalty. We work with clients to establish iconic identifiers both materially and dimensionally to enhance facility presence and distinguish their brand from competitors. These standards are repeatable and recognizable in any location nationwide.

Prevention & Control

COVID-19 has created awareness of the importance of infection prevention and control not only in healthcare settings, but also in every day spaces. Every space must heighten visitor awareness and confidence in the brand and the people who will serve them as well as reduce transmission of disease. Finishes and materials must be selected to be durable and cleanable, touchless technology specification, and space considerations influence every day spaces.

Case Studies

The following select studies reflect unique situations presented to our interior design team resulting into a creative and well-thought design solution.

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I have spent the last few days in the Building 35 Addition and I have enjoyed the space immensely! The natural daylight that filters through the trees is beautiful. The interior finishes and the design is fresh and progressive and provokes multitude of nice compliments from the staff walking through the space. Thank you for your good is always a pleasure.

Jordan Max, NCIDQ, LEED GA