E4H’s team of future-focused strategists and visionary healthcare architects create flexible, state-of-the-art facilities designed to enhance the well-being of patients, staff, and families.

With over four decades of experience, E4H provides value to their clients through the design of Lean, economically and environmentally sustainable spaces. E4H’s unique SmartDesign process fosters collaboration and drives next-generation solutions to complex challenges encountered in today’s healthcare and health science landscapes. Combining experience with for-profit and non-profit institutions allows E4H to provide efficient, speed-to-market solutions for their clients.


E4H aspires to set the standard for healthcare design. E4H’s expertise spans the entire industry, from research and discovery to patient care. E4H planners and architects design environments that are elegant, adaptable, and solve today’s unique challenges.

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E4H believes innovative and creative design generates compelling, functional, and cost-effective solutions. E4H brings a dynamic, nimble approach to every project.

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An integrated approach to project delivery that moves beyond conventional design services and focuses on sustainable business solutions for today’s evolving healthcare environment.


E4H is our long-term partner in our effort to create facilities to match the high-quality care our people deliver every day, they have worked with us since 1990 on multiple projects including a Master Facilities Plan which has guided our growth as a hospital. We are excited to be working with E4H to create a modern, patient-focused inpatient health care facility.

Dawn LeBaron, VP Hospital Services

UVM Health Network, Burlington, VT

I have had the privilege of working with E4H on a major, multi-faceted project at Harvard Medical School. E4H brings a wealth of experience and expertise as well as a keen eye for aesthetics, color and incorporation of artwork that is respectful of the history and traditions of the institution and the building but also contemporary. HMS has benefited greatly from our collaboration with the E4H team.

Jane M. Neill, Associate Dean for Medical Education Planning & Administration

Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA

They have been very through, responsive, and committed to our projects whether large or small. They have followed the work from the beginning stage of preliminary drawings to the final walk-through with the building inspector.

Michael Patterson, Chief Executive Officer

Colorado Plains Medical Center, Fort Morgan, CO

You have an uncommon talent! Your great strength is an ability to work effectively with people and move them toward a design-result that even surprises them.

Tim Charles, President & Chief Executive Officer

Mercy Medical Center, Cedar Rapids, IA