Designing for Crisis: How Thomas Morris Tackled COVID-19

posted June 2nd, 2020 in E4Hspeaks

by Thomas Morris


Welcome to E4Hspeaks. Northwell Health leadership partnered with E4H to create a space that would be a mid-term solution to decant COVID-19 patients from other facilities over the next six months. Host Chris Nail speaks with Thomas Morris, Partner about creating this Mid-term COVID-19 Strategy. The podcast can be accessed anywhere podcasts are available.


About Thomas Morris


Thomas has 27 years of architectural experience in a wide variety of healthcare facilities. He is an effective communicator and works collaboratively with clients to ensure that their facilities can support and enhance their ability to provide clinical care. Thomas has an in-depth knowledge of building systems and provides exceptional project management. He also champions the firm's Lean practices and manages the technical staff. Thomas enjoys furniture design, working outdoors, and skiing.

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