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E4H provided design services for the renovation of existing Neurosurgery Operating Room (OR #18) on the Main Campus of MSKCC, in order to install a new intra-operative MRI, which allows the patient to remain stationary while the magnet slides into position for scanning during surgery.

This renovation required the demolition of the existing OR, control room, equipment room, a part of the clean core and a part of the adjacent OR. OR #18 will be fully rebuilt with new RF and magnetic shielding, RFI shielded MRI ‘garage’ for when the magnet is not in use, control area and equipment room. The MRI requires silicon steel shielding to be installed on the floor below and for the full length of travel of the MRI. Construction is phased and coordinated to keep a portion of the 5th floor pathology lab operational 24/7.

Significant structural engineering was required to hang the 10.5-ton MRI system from the ceiling. Due to the site limitations (existing infill structure, with occupied space below and a Mechanical mezzanine above), clearances and tolerances are required to be maintained at a strict level. Full, integrated use of Revit between all consultants is critical to the success of the project. With tight ceiling plenum space, the vast amount of air needed, large equipment booms, required surgical lighting, and the massive structure required, modeling the space in 3D was paramount in avoiding conflicts in the limited space available.