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The design team’s primary goal was to reduce anxiety and stress for the patients and family members in waiting. Surgery is very stressful for anyone and being able to relieve tension is a huge accomplishment. Prior to the renovation, the area was closed off and did not have direct view to the outside. E4H immediately opened the space to allow natural lighting to enter through the existing windows. We maximized an under-utilized corridor connecting the POB with the main building to create intimate seating pods with large-window views to the exterior. The waiting area includes a large focal wall with an enclosed water-feature that creates a soothing sounds and visuals to reduce stress while waiting. E4H utilized a variety of seating—all with power and UBS capability built-in. Nature-influenced elements and materials were used throughout to create a warm and soothing environment, such as wood ceilings, water-like patterned glass, and natural stone. The cafe brings easy access to nutritious foods for both visitors and staff without having to leave the monitored area to go to the cafeteria in another area of the hospital. The client truly appreciated the variety of seating, access to charging personal devices, and the overall inviting environment.

Since this area is the main artery from parking, a professional office building, vertical circulation at the elevator banks, surgery, and the main lobby, this project had to be completed in 5 phases so that each department could remain operational.