Interiors COVID-19 Design Report

posted September 24th, 2020 in Blog

by E4H


Today’s fight against the invisible threat of COVID-19 poses a new set of challenges that require quick, concise and innovative solutions. This is especially true for spaces of care and healing, though many of the concerns that need to be addressed into those spaces can also translate to spaces for low to moderate risk employees.

To address these challenges, it is important to think not only of aesthetics, but of all functional design considerations to create safe, comforting environments. These considerations include cleanability, durability, practicality and technology. The integration of these considerations is continuously evolving, and it is imperative during these trying times that designs are revisited and re-examined for improvements and that future projects adopt these design considerations with adaptability in mind. Additionally, spaces of care and healing must still embrace the importance of beauty and design in order to achieve a much needed sense of order and calmness, especially in times of uncertainty.

The strategies and solutions presented in the following report can be adapted to the unique needs of each healthcare system or employer. Some of the ideas presented can be implemented quickly and seamlessly to existing spaces to address immediate COVID-19 concerns, while others may influence new design, maintenance and infrastructural standards.


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