Advisory Services

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Advisory Services works collaboratively with clients, bringing a diverse team of experts to the table to develop, refine, and implement effective solutions that advance clients toward their business goals while increasing user, staff, and guest satisfaction.

Clinical Operations Advising

From clinical flow to first patient, Advisory Services collaborates with all stakeholders to support and improve clinical operations. The team will validate scope, create efficient workflows, and design an operationally optimized facility. Experienced in both clinical settings and healthcare design, we serve as a clinical liaison, supporting team members by helping to navigate the complexities of designing an efficient facility that flows well and enhances the patient and staff experience.

Medical Equipment Consulting

Our Advisory Services team is experienced with the selection and implementation of various types of medical equipment and will assist in ensuring the right equipment is selected to meet requirements and budget. With a depth of hands-on clinical experience, the team possesses the expertise necessary to assist with equipment evaluation, coordination, and procurement. We will work with staff to understand processes and required modality specifications, ensuring the appropriate equipment is selected. From budget management to equipment organization, procurement, placement, and certification, working with us ensures all your medical equipment needs are met.

Transition Planning

Transitioning to a new location requires a high level of organization, strict budget maintenance, and detailed planning. Our Advisory Services team will work with all user groups to undergo a seamless move, while maintaining patient safety as a top priority. In addition to establishing an inventory of existing equipment, our Advisory team will develop a transition plan with documentation detailing the delivery and placement of all equipment, a sequencing schedule, move training, and when needed, a patient move plan. We work with all essential personnel to provide and coordinate the logistical goals of the transition and Go-live targets.

Licensing & Certification Assistance

Licensing & certification can be a lengthy and complex process, with requirements that vary from state to state. With in-depth knowledge of state and federal licensing and certification processes, our Advisory Services team can step in to help make sense of the requirements, set goals, and meet them in a timely manner. Through on-site surveys and facility analysis, our Advisory Services team will assist with all operational processes to ensure compliance.

Accreditation Preparation

Whether it’s AAAHC, Medicare deemed status, or the Joint Commission, our Advisory Services team can assist with accreditation preparation. Our team will conduct surveys to identify areas of non-compliance and determine corrective action. Staff education is key prior to and during the survey process, addressing required paperwork, procedures, and readiness of the physical space.

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E4H has been very thorough, responsive, and committed to our projects whether large or small. They have followed the work from the beginning stage of preliminary drawings to the final walk-through with the building inspector.

Michael Patterson, Chief Executive Officer