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Mary Washington Hospital (MWH) experienced a dramatic increase in the number of their emergency department visits. Many of these patients had a higher level of acuity and were remaining in the hospital for greater lengths of time. MWH determined that the number of patients being treated in their existing emergency department had far exceeded its capacity. MWH charged E4H with identifying space and opportunity for expansion and to redesign their emergency services department within their existing facility and campus. As a result of their analysis E4H selected a site for an addition directly adjacent to the existing emergency services department. This would allow the upper level to be planned for a future nursing unit and minimize disruption of the existing department during construction. To provide the maximum level of efficiency all treatment areas were designed around a “universal” room concept where all similar systems and controls can be found in the same location in every room. Visibility into the rooms provided for observation and each room is single bedded to provide patient flexibility and privacy. Implementing the latest technology, each new area was constructed for paperless charting/order entry, wireless equipment, and patient and staff tracking.